• Jackson Clark

The 'Magic Pixie Dust' To Increase Engagement

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

A great way to increase engagement and a following on Facebook is to sprinkle your best organic content (non-advertised posts) on Facebook with the magic pixie dust known as paid advertising.

I’ve written a similar article detailing one of my processes for increasing page likes and a similar concept applies here. I often run engagement advertising campaigns through the Facebook ad platform to well-performing content on my Facebook page NT Football with Jackson Clark.

If I believe that a post has the potential of going viral, or it receives plenty of likes within the first couple of minutes, I’ll go into the platform and create a targeted advertisement to create more engagement, gain a bigger reach and potentially gather a handful of new likes for the page.

We’re not talking huge amounts of money here either, I generally spend around $5 per post that I run engagement campaigns to, sometimes even less if the ad isn’t perform to standard. It is enough to see a noticeable difference in engagement for content on my channels.

Do this early too, try to direct as much engagement to the post within the first hour because Facebook’s algorithm will recognise this as quality content and show it on more people’s newsfeeds.

The reality is that organic reach has declined over the years to the extent that – depending on your Facebook page size – only somewhere between 1% and 10% are seeing your content. This is really disappointing to hear for most people new to promoting their business on Facebook, who may rightfully assume that a large portion of people who like your page would actually receive your content.

But this is not case, unfortunately. Facebook is a business and they want you using their ad platform. Take the time to learn the very basics of the Facebook as and run advertising campaigns to your better content. With the super-advanced targeting potential that Facebook advertising offers, we know that this increased engagement will most likely come from people within our target audience.

We can nurture the relationship with these people – and even retarget them if we’re working with video content and directly trying to sell a product. If not, we can simply continue sending content to this audience and potentially they’ll become future customers or clients.