• Jackson Clark

Reaching Parents Using Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s advertising platform offers an array of opportunities for school’s to reach their target audiences.

In most cases, a school’s digital marketing efforts will revolve around advertising to parents and guardians of school-aged children.

Facebook allows us to send advertisements directly to parents, but the fun does not stop there.

Facebook’s ad targeting allows us to segment the parents based on the age of their children, which can allow school marketers to craft their advertisements with great specificity.

We can target new parents and create branding and awareness campaigns so that when the time comes to enrol that child in a school or program, yours will be top of mind.

You can also target types of Mums with the option to choose from ‘stay-at-home mums’ to ‘soccer mums’ and a whole variety of other choices.

The content for campaigns to parents could be centred around a mother or father sharing a story about the positive effect that the school has had on their child.

Or it could be a former student sharing positive experiences of how the school helped them reach their full potential.

There are many ideas that could work when appealing to parents.

Say you do the marketing for a middle school or high school:

Facebook enables us to send valuable marketing content specifically to parents of Year 5 and Year 6 students within the local area, which can aid in the decision-making process when the time comes to choose a school.

This could be in the form of a downloadable PDF titled ‘5 Reasons to Attend an All-Girls School’ or something similarly specific to your school.

You could create an audience from the people that engage with these posts and continue delivering these people content that will keep your school top of mind.

A similar process can be repeated for different ages too; for example, a primary school could send valuable brand-building content to the families of pre-school aged, or younger children.

You can go super long-term and run advertisements to parents of toddlers, directing them to sign-up to your school’s newsletter or e-mail list.

Long-term approaches can build trust in your school and lead to an increase in enrolments.