• Jackson Clark

How To Advertise To Students on Facebook

Facebook’s advertising platform can be a great way for school’s to attract students.

This will be most applicable to educational facilities catering for older students, who are more likely to make decisions about their education and engage with advertisements on social media.

Older students these days have more choices and freedom regarding their education and which school or program to enrol in than ever before.

With so many different pathways for senior school-aged students, from university extension programs to vocational education and training, securing an enrolment can be a competitive process for schools.

To appeal to this demographic, the ad campaign could include a video of a former student delivering a message to prospective students about the great experiences they had at the school.

The graduate could talk about all the facilities that the school has, the lifelong memories they forged through one of the school’s extra-curricular activities, or how its curriculum has equipped them to succeed in their career.

It could be an organisation trying to attract international students that could feature a video of an international graduate or current exchange student discussing all the positive aspects of the school.

The school could survey a list of international students about what their biggest concerns were before enrolling and then create a video with a current student responding to those queries.

If targeting international parents or students, ensure that the geo-targeting and language settings are relevant.

Remember that we are marketing to people from Generation Z, who have grown up in the era of online misinformation.

This demographic can spot ingenuity so avoid an overly salesy approach.