• Jackson Clark

A Great Way To Get Page Likes - Facebook Ad Tip

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

There’s always the ongoing debate about the importance of ‘vanity metrics’ such as likes and followers.

With Facebook and Instagram pages having the ability to buy ‘fake’ likes, it is important to look into how engaging a business or brand’s content is with their audience.

So while the overall number that a brand has can be misleading, there’s no denying the value of building an engaged following.

When I want one of my social media channels like NT Football with Jackson Clark to gain more page likes I will try to create viral content. I will look a piece of raw content and determine how I can repurpose it to maximise engagement on various social platforms.

Once a post looks like it is performing well within the first 30 minutes – which is a huge determiner to how the content will perform overall – I will run a couple of engagement campaign advertisements to the post.

This is the important part: When you’re doing your Facebook ad targeting, you must remember to click ‘exclude people who like (Your Page)’ so that the people viewing your posts are potential new followers.

With a bit of luck (and skill), the post will receive plenty of engagement. Facebook gives you the option to invite people who have engaged with your content to like your page. So, that’s when we ‘harvest the engagers’ by clicking on the invite button to all the people who are yet to like your page.

There are many strategies out there to gain likes to your page but this is one that I’ve had particular success with for NT Football with Jackson Clark. I believe this is for a couple of reasons, namely the fact that I narrow down my ‘detailed targeting’ for my advertisements and if people are liking my content already, there’s a reasonable chance they will enjoy future content.

I try to imagine a new person liking the page as a new person entering a room to listen to me speak. It gives me a greater appreciation of my new follower and prompts me to create the best content possible.

Creating the best possible content is the key because without the engagement, this strategy does not work. These days, I’m actually getting a lot better at predicting how many likes my material will receive based on the performance of similar posts in the past, the timing and current context and a myriad of other factors.

Sometimes something that you think will perform magnificently will underperform badly, which will leave you underwhelmed. When that happens, try to review the content and determine the possible reasons for this. Was there a lot of newsfeed traffic at the time? Did you remember to engage the audience in the first couple of seconds (or sentences)?

So to recap, first start by creating compelling content that is likely to engage well. Second, run a couple of small paid engagement advertisements to the article and exclude showing the article to people who already like your page. Finally, invite the people who engaged with the content to like your page.