• Jackson Clark

Do Not Be Boring! How To Create Compelling Content


Seriously. So much content that is posted online by brands and businesses is unengaging, overly salesy and generally useless. They might as well not even post it all.

If Facebook’s algorithm notices that your page’s content is normally unengaging, it will result in the engagement for all of your other posts going down also. So posting, boring promotional content is hurting your brand.

In 2020, brand’s must consider themselves mini-media outlets and business owners must become content creators. This might seem uncomfortable for some, but online storytelling will be a huge part of how businesses grow throughout this decade.

We need to constantly create compelling content. If you’re unsure of what constitutes ‘compelling content’ then reverse manufacture from what has performed best in the past. Facebook’s Page Manager dashboard allows you to see which individual content has engaged best with your audience.

Strive to create more content of a similar nature. One idea could be to ask your current customers how your brand could provide more value to them or determine their most frequently asked questions and create content around the answers to them.

If you’ve never created engaging content or are completely new to the game, check out what other businesses within your industry are doing and replicate the content that is getting the most likes, comments and shares.

Try to create content that is either helpful, shocking or funny – three emotions that lead to social sharing. Anger usually engages well too, but as a business or brand seeking to gain these engagers as future customers, we don’t want to enrage them!

A helpful piece of content could be an explainer-video of FAQs in your industry or how to get the best use out of a product. Shocking could be a concern within your industry or some other form of content that might propel a customer into wanting to find out more information about how your business can address their concerns.

Being funny is self-explanatory. But a word of caution; we’ve all seen those lame businesses who are clearly trying too hard to be ‘hip and cool’ by posting memes that are about a year old – don’t be one of those!