• Jackson Clark

Why We NEED To Be Creating Video

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Video has well and truly taken over the internet.

In the past 30 days, more online video content has been uploaded to the web than in the past 30 years of television content. Nearly everyone watches video online, whether it be through YouTube, a social media channel, or a more traditional website. YouTube itself is the world’s second-largest search engine behind Google, and it is the second most trafficked website in the world.

Businesses must create content to meet this demand. Do not worry about needing expensive equipment or movie-quality production, just create. With that being said, try to avoid posting videos of terrible sound or picture quality. Basic video-editing software can be found for free on a lot of smartphones or downloadable online. Or you could outsource the raw footage to a video editor on Fiverr for a small price.

Experiment with both long-form and short-form videos to determine what engages better with the audience.

Another great aspect to video is the ability to repackage it into smaller pieces of content that can be distributed across other platforms. A long-form piece of visual content, such as a ten-minute video on YouTube, could be transcribed and turned into a blog post for the website, shorter clips posted to Instagram, articles for LinkedIn, the possibilities are just about endless.

Repackaging longer, larger pieces of content into smaller, chunk-able sizes enables us more versatility with our content and allows us to reach bigger audiences.

Video content also allows for better, more specific, retargeting options through the Facebook ad platform.


Even better than curating regular video content is creating live content, which has become a major feature of most platforms. Live video generally engages better with audiences. Of course, live video you have the vulnerabilities of appearing on camera live, which may not be suitable in some settings.