• Jackson Clark

The Secret Hack To Creating More Content

Many businesses are overwhelmed by the amount of content they are told to create in order to maximise their social media game.

Social media gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk stating that the magical number sits around 100 pieces of original, platform-specific content PER DAY. This number is insane for any person, let alone for those under the time constraints of operating a business. Besides people like Gary Vee now have huge teams behind him ensuring that enough content is produced on a daily basis. We don’t all have that luxury, unfortunately.

But there is a secret hack that allows us to maximise the amount of content we are creating while us saving time to worry about other business operations. This strategy enables us to stay top of mind and make an impact across multiple social platforms. It’s about working smarter here, not harder.

Begin by creating one large piece of video content that will be engaging for the people you are trying to attract as customers. The more often you can create these videos the better, but if you can only find time for once per week or once per fortnight, that’s a strong start. Hopefully once you begin to see traction and engagement with your content it will inspire you to create more.

After we have created the video, we will turn that large piece of content into smaller digestible pieces that are suitable to be posted across various social platforms. The ten-minute video may be turned into five two-minute videos to be distributed on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram TV. The video may be transcribed and turned into multiple blog posts for LinkedIn, Facebook and your e-mail list. Information in the video could be created into an infographic and selective quotes could form the basis of great Instagram content. Short five-to-ten second snippets of video could be posted as Stories on Facebook and Instagram. The possibilities are endless and require a surprising little amount of work.

The below graphic is an extremely simplified version of what I have done so far with one of the videos from my football-based YouTube channel Off The Play.

It is important to note that you do not have to do all of this work yourself. Outsource this to someone in your team – or go online to an outsourcing website like Fiverr and Upwork and use their services for extremely reasonable prices. Please be aware though, you generally get what you pay for!

This strategy can be a great way for businesses to increase their presence online without dramatically increasing workload.