• Jackson Clark

Retargeting - The #1 Online Marketing Strategy

Retargeting is arguably the most highly effective form of marketing strategy online.

It involves placing advertisements in front of people who have already engaged with our content. This could be people who visited our website, signed up to our e-mail list, watched a certain percentage of our video and many other retargeting options.

When businesses first run advertisements on Facebook, they are generally shown to what we call ‘cold’ audiences. This audience of people are those are who generally unaware of your business or organisation and are unfamiliar with your offer, product and services. Advertising to these people will naturally be more expensive and result in fewer conversations at the beginning.

However, advertising to cold audiences and converting them into warm audiences through retargeting is an essential part of the online marketing game.

Let’s use a specific example on how this could work for a business. Say I run a yoga studio and I’m looking to get more people in and fill more classes. I might create a two-minute video with an eye-catching title like ‘5 Physical & Mental Benefits of Practicing Yoga That Could Transform Your Life’, post it on Facebook and run an advertisement to a targeted audience.

Now the retargeting. Facebook allows us to create an audience based off people who watched percentages of the video. The longer somebody spent watching the video, the more interested they generally are in what you have to offer and the higher the likelihood you have at converting them into paying customers.

I would then create an ad – targeting the people that watched 75% and 95% of the video – sending them an enticing offer, such as a two-week free trial for all yoga classes. For those that watched a different percentage of the video, say 50% or less, I would retarget them with more information about the benefits of yoga and keep them engaged for more content later.

This is just a super-simplified campaign example, but I have no doubt similar approaches would work when adjusted to your business niche. Always remember when retargeting, it is important to respect where a person is on the buyer journey. Do not go the hard sell too early!

Advertising on Facebook is about playing the long game. Invest time and money into brand-building digital marketing campaigns and focus on building audiences through the platform by providing valuable content. Run awareness campaigns around your best content and retarget those who engaged with a more direct offer.