• Jackson Clark

Know Your Platform's Limits!

Be aware that most that most of these social media platforms have limits on certain activities, such as liking posts, requesting connections, inviting followers, etc.

For example, after creating viral content on NT Football with Jackson Clark I like to invite the people who engaged with the post to like my page. It’s long and boring and tiresome and … it works it increasing my ‘like’ count.

But eventually you can reach a certain daily limit where Facebook will restrict your ability to invite any more people. LinkedIn is similar where you can reach a limit of connection requests. Instagram has a limit on the amount of people you can follow or unfollow within a certain period of time.

There are little hacks around these, such as with a Facebook page, where you can simply add another trusted person as an ‘Editor’ and get them to follow the same process, thus doubling the amount of invites you are able to send. So, that’s something to consider if gaining page likes is a priority.

These restrictions are necessary to prevent people from abusing the system and stopping third-party bots Normally the consequences of stepping over the limit are just a brief lockout period where you are unable to continue doing the activity. I’ve never had an account banned or permanently restricted in anyway, but it’s always better to stick on the safe side.

Always remember to play by the rules of the platform!