• Jackson Clark

How To Become A Facebook Ads Expert For Free

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The reality is that many small businesses, solo-entrepreneurs or aspiring influencers are not in a position to outsource their online marketing to an expert.

With most social media marketing agencies charging anywhere between $1500 and up to $10 000+ per month, some individuals and businesses cannot afford these services. Others may have a hard time making such a financial commitment to a marketing program they don’t yet fully understand. But if you can commit some time and effort, devoting a couple of hours a week to improving your online marketing knowledge could earn you business thousands of dollars in the future.

Fortunately, there are many free options available for any business owner or marketer that wishes to polish up their Facebook advertising skills.


There’s a little-known button located on the side panel of Facebook business pages called “Page Transparency”.

If you click on this, it’ll show you all (if any) of the Facebook advertisements that company is currently running.

This is a handy tip to define exactly what advertisements are working well within your business’ niche.

Who are the industry leaders within your niche? What Facebook advertising campaigns are they running?


Online marketers understand the true worth of content marketing and giving away value for free.

Therefore, a quick YouTube search for terms such as “Facebook Ads Tutorial” or “Facebook Ads Advice” should yield you thousands of hours of learning material for you to study.

I’ve watched a lot of content from experts such as Cat Howell, who also has a paid-course for anyone interesting in boosting their skills even further.

Neil Patel is another marketer that produces plenty of content on YouTube, however he tends to occupy more in the Google Ads and blogging space.


Ad Espresso offers the most extensive collection of Facebook ad examples for free.

Like the first tip, it allows you to study what other businesses within your market are using for their advertising copy and creative.

There are over a hundred thousand examples for marketers to use as inspiration for their own Facebook advertising campaign.

For more experienced marketers, Ad Espresso also has a paid membership options, which offer an array of fantastic tools you can use to help optimise ad campaigns.