• Jackson Clark

How To Avoid Being Annoying On LinkedIn

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

When getting started on LinkedIn, do not spam people with cut-and-pasted private message templates. This is what thousands of others are doing and is the best way to leave a bad impression on someone you are looking to gain as a potential client or business partner.

If you are going to use LinkedIn messaging as a marketing, recruiting or job-searching tool, it is imperative to personalise the message. We should not be pitching to people. Instead, LinkedIn is about building relationships.

Think about how you would introduce yourself to someone at a social gathering. You wouldn’t just tell them about all of your life achievements or you’d come across as arrogant and would ruin the mood.

Do your research on the person you are intending to form a relationship with and write a message that makes them want to respond to you. It may surprise you how many messages business owners receive on LinkedIn. Many of them are annoying and come across as spammy.

Approach LinkedIn messaging in a more friendly, conversational format and try to serve the person you’re looking to connect with. Do not feel the need to be ultra, super-professional all of the time. As LinkedIn expands, it is transitioning from strictly a professional platform to a more traditional ‘social’ network.

Determine what your business can do to help them achieve their goals. I understand that it is important to make a good first impression but resist the temptation to talk about your business and all of its achievements.

Ensure that you are routinely seeking new and relevant connections, posting regular engaging content and have a fully-optimised profile and your business will see tremendous benefits.