• Jackson Clark

How Daniel Gorringe Became A Media Star

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Daniel Gorringe is a terrific example of a former athlete turning to social media to advance his career post-retirement.

The former Gold Coast and Carlton player leveraged his following built from a 26-game AFL career to become a digital star. Gorringe originally began posting a series of humorous football-related tweets from his football career.

“You know when you flick through Twitter and there’s so many serious stories?” Gorringe said on YouTube show Off The Play. “I thought, ‘bugger this, someone needs to shake it up a bit.’”

“I’ve got some funny memories, it started with that, then some videos, which snowballed into people jumping on-board and it is what it is now.”

It has certainly worked for him. He is a natural in front of the camera – which helps his Instagram game – and hilarious on Twitter.

He is a guy who clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously and decided to let his personality shine. Gorringe, by his own admission was no AFL star – still, for a bloke who loves the art of self-deprecating, playing 26 games at the highest level is nothing to sneeze at.

But it has been his rise to prominence through a strong social media game that has led the former Suns and Blues player to a role with Sportsbet and a cast member on Big Brother Australia.

In the coming years we can expect to see more low-to-mid-tier current and former athletes leveraging a modest following to build a bigger career for themselves through social media.