• Jackson Clark

Facebook Groups: How Schools Can Utilise This Feature

Facebook groups are one of the latest features that the network has been pushing as of late. Given that the creators of Facebook have a vested interest in having this feature succeed, it is no surprise that it is getting a favourable run with the algorithm.

Content is currently being prioritised with high engagement, and there are many strategies that schools could incorporate to take advantage of this. A representative could join a local parenting group and listen to the conversation about concerns they are having within the broader community.

Maybe some of these concerns can be made relevant to a school setting and you have thought of potential solutions to reduce or solve some of the problems. Addressing these parents’ issues online will contribute to that principal’s reputation as a leader within the community and will have a positive effect on the perception of the school itself.

Or, if you want more control of the conversation, create your own group, invite current parents to join and start the discussion. Schools can post photos and create videos or even create polls to gather key information from parents. You could even host a live Q&A session.

Bear in mind, however, with more channels for communication comes more of a need for comment moderation, which can be time-consuming.

Groups can be a great way to build better, strong relationships with parents and should be considered as part of a broader Facebook marketing strategy.