• Jackson Clark

What Is Your School's PURPLE COW?

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Discovering what makes a school different from others can enable marketers to emphasise these unique qualities and attract more students.

What is it that makes your school stand out? Every school wants to be known as one that implements a wide-ranging curriculum, fosters a positive learning environment, and has great facilities.

And while parents enjoy hearing confirmation of these aspects from time to time, this messaging is boring and just follows what the majority of education organisations include in their marketing material.

Highlighting what makes the school stand out from the others is what will capture attention.

Take the concepts from well-renowned marketer Seth Godin’s and his book Purple Cow. It states that after you have been looking at cows all day, they begin to all look the same, often dull, boring, and repetitive.

But a purple cow would be a different story altogether; it would capture a person’s attention and be the start of many conversations.

Hearing that a school offers a safe environment and a strong curriculum is great, but it will not necessarily capture a prospective parent’s attention - it is Godin’s equivalent of a boring, old, regular cow.

Try to find your school’s purple cow story. Is it the state-of-the-art swimming facility that was just developed?

A light-hearted anecdote about a special bench that students have sat on for over 20 years?

Alumni who are achieving great things in the business or sporting world?

Or a tradition that is special and exclusive to your school?

What can your school provide that other schools may not be able to? For some schools it may be an unrivalled athletic program, or it may be a special mother’s group held during the afternoon.

Discover what makes your school unique and accentuate these great characteristics online.